Friday, April 15, 2011

Tiger Woods –The Masters

The last golf game I purchased was “Tiger Woods 06”, I can’t swear to it, but I don’t think I ever completed a full 18 holes. There were so many things bad about it I really can’t begin to list them all here.

Since then, I’ve rented or borrowed a couple of newer versions of the game, and really…not much improvement going on. But after reading several glowing reviews about Tiger Woods – The Masters, I decided to give a shot. The cheap way of course, I downloaded the demo.

To my surprise, it actually FELT like a pretty solid golf game…even if the demo was really way too short to get a full feel of the game. But since it’s a pretty historic moment that a company can get Augusta to license their course in a computer game I figured this may be my only chance to virtually play Augusta.

So I jumped in and bought the thing. Even paid full price, shocker.

I’m very happy to say, “Money well spent.”

It is a very solid golf game with a gorgeous presentation, and a plethora of game choices.

I’ll hold off on a long rambling game review and just go with “If you’ve ever enjoyed golf, and you’ve got a 360 I highly recommend picking it up. And soon, or you’ll miss out on one of the cooler features “Play With the Pros” where they pull in the current PGA golf tournament and you get to really feel the players pain while they try to play in 30 mph winds or face the glass greens of Augusta.

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