Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Power of Packaging

It seems just about every day my eyes are opened in some new way by either my three year old son, or my five year old daughter. This time it was Connor. It appears Danielle took Connor to Home Depot to pick up a few yard care items. Just the normal stuff, some weed and feed, fertilizer, and insect treatment for the yard.

It's amazing how much packaging can represent to someone, and funny at times to have a little reminder to how a three year old's mind works.

They did their shopping, returned home, and Danielle began to carry the items through the house to the back porch when she was caught offguard by Connor's concerned voice.

"No, don't take those in the house. That's bad. No, NO NO!", he cried out to Danielle with her arms full of bags and sacks.

It took a little calming down before Danielle realized what his concern was.

On the sack for the insect treatment there was a collection of various pests, spiders, worms, wasps, ants, etc. And well...Connor's used to seeing whats on the INSIDE of the package, on the OUTSIDE. So, with typical three year old logic, he had concluded that the bag was full of spiders, worms, get the idea.

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